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Workshop “Financial Archetypes

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Within you is a unique “currency code” called the Financial Archetypes®.

When you discover YOUR Financial Archetypes, understand them and use them, it feels like all the pieces of the puzzle of life fall easily into place. You understand why you act the way you do when it comes to money, you discover your strengths, you learn how to react and respond in money-related conversations, and you feel confident and ready to make new decisions about your business.

The Financial Archetypes® are for you if you are ready to ease your relationship to money in your business, and in all other areas of your life.


In order to make the most of our 3 hours together, I invite you to take the Financial Archetypes® test beforehand and to bring the result which you will automatically receive by e-mail.

Link to the test: https: //


During this 3-hour workshop, I will offer you:

  • Analyze test results and answer questions
  • To discover the strengths and challenges of the different Archetypes
  • To understand how to use the Archetypes to serve your business?
  • Define your “Money Container” and the road to Abundance according to your main Archetype
  • A few minutes of debriefing and Q&A at the end of the session

Who am I?

Juliette wants to live in a world where ambitious and passionate women entrepreneurs allow themselves to be rich and earn abundance and success. To this end, she founded Chenille Papillon, and offers individual coaching and various group programs, including the Financial Archetypes®, the Brand Archetypes® – for which she is certified by Kendall Summerhawk, creator of the “Sacred Money Archetypes®” – and her flagship program: the Kifpreneure® Academy, a success gas pedal and powerful support group

By aligning their business with who they really are and eliminating the deep emotional blocks that hold them back from launching or growing their business, her clients become confident to be visible in their offerings, set and charge the right prices that reflect what they are really worth, and attract abundance with ease, alignment and no excuses!

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