Experimenting with collective intelligence using ARC methods

Experimenting with collective intelligence using ARC methods

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Suggested by Véronique Cartuyvels.

ARC from Action Représentations Changement.

Stimulate collective intelligence and support change by taking into account the body, representations and movement!

“If you want to achieve results you’ve never achieved before, use methods you’ve never used before” – this quote from Peter Senge sums up the spirit of our workshop perfectly.

You may or may not already be familiar with Co-Development and constellations.

But do you know the power of action methods to facilitate collective intelligence?

With ARC, the idea is to let ourselves be surprised by other ways of looking at things, to get creative, to contact new resources together to move forward in our lives as entrepreneurs, in the service of a common goal, within a framework of benevolence and security.

These methods of action have the ability to reframe or reverse specific situations, to give rise to a new point of view, to create an element of pleasure, playfulness or unexpected surprise. Bands frequently refer to how movement can generate energy. Something is happening, attention is suddenly awake and focused. In such circumstances, fortunate coincidences tend to occur, casting in a completely new light some of those tense or “dead-end” situations that previously seemed hopelessly inextricable.

We’ll all put ourselves at the service of questions posed by any of us, by the community, and/or at the service of Womanly. These questions revolve, for example, around facilitating change, resolving tensions, making important decisions, exploring new opportunities or simply honoring what connects us, what is, in the here and now…

As part of this skill-sharing program, Véronique offers you the chance to experiment with the methodology and some of the experiences she has gained at the service of the group, as well as dynamic and creative approaches to solving the challenges you face as entrepreneurs.

Why this workshop is a must for you and why it would be great to have you join us:

  • You’ll experience the inner attitudes that activate collective intelligence
  • You’ll strengthen your link with the Womanly Community
  • You’ll discover new ways to bond quickly.
  • You’ll help explore questions in the service of one of us or in the service of the group, and you’ll be nourished by them.
  • You’ll experience and appreciate the power of working with the unspoken.
  • You’ll explore ‘slightly offbeat’ detours and be surprised by ‘out of the box’ proposals.


Simply to want to contribute to a collective, to explore issues through body engagement and a ‘creative detour’, to strengthen the link with the Womanly Community.

The icing on the cake would be to bring a question to explore together with action methods.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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