A unique tool to help women grow in their professional lives

Womanly is a unique co-working space where female entrepreneurs come to work or to meet, discuss and do business with peers.

Discover our range of services
  • A warm and elegant space, decorated with taste.

  • A common and shared office with free or dedicated seats and meeting rooms.

  • A community of female entrepreneurs, to understand, support and be understood.

  • Multiple tailor-made services to help women grow in their business.

Discover our range of services
  • Womanly guides all women

  • Beginners, experienced, older and young entrepreneurs.

  • All women who want to work in a peaceful and relaxing space

  • All women with a shared goal: grow in their professional lives!

Discover Womanly

Our community

Womanly brings together all women with shared values – so they can meet each other, work together, cooperate, build new opportunities and be successful.

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